How to save water at home: Water saving tips for laundry

how to save water at home, water saving tips for laundry

A Home Guide To Preserving Water For The Planet

Laundry can be frustrating, even for a laundry enthusiast. We tend to not think about the behind the scene process that goes into our weekly washing routine and there are some great ways to save on water and become more mindful of the planet. We believe that knowledge is power so here is our home guide to helping you become more effective in the laundry room.

Pre-treat your stains

Some tough stains require a second round in the washing machine meaning more water consumption. A water saving tip is to pre-treat stains before the wash with a biodegradable stain remover to ensure your clothes only need to go through the wash cycle once. Our favourite eco-friendly stain remover is the Sonett Stain Removal Spray – we even use them in our stores!

Does your washing machine need any upgrade?

Technology has advanced a lot in recent years and washing machines have become more water and energy efficient. While it may be an expensive upfront cost, newer models feature special water-saving modes to conserve water. There are even some washing machines that have a cold water mode which uses a new technology to clean clothes just as well using only cold water

Run Full Loads

Rather than running many small loads of laundry, save them to run larger, fuller loads instead. Every time the machine is used, the consumption of water only accumulates, so consolidating washes will be more efficient.

Check your settings

If you do need to run a small load, modern washing machines today will have various settings to accommodate for this so ensure you check your settings before each load of laundry. We also recommend switching off the “extra rinse cycle” to help conserve water – your clothes simply doesn’t need it in our opinion!

Find your nearest Laundrlab

We understand that these may not be time efficient or economically viable so why don’t you pay us a visit? Here at laundrlab, we have the newest technology to help you save water and energy. Thanks to our state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers, effortlessly wash your clothes knowing that you’re being kind to the planet!

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